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Amal Alhaag

Amal Alhaag

Amal Alhaag is is an Amsterdam based independent curator, cultural programmer and radio host with an interest in counter-culture, oral histories and global social issues. She currently does programming for the RCMC.


Her work explores these themes through short- and long-term collaborations with artists, institutions and audiences. Since 2008, her projects infuse music and art with current affairs, post-coloniality, digital anthropology and everyday anecdotes to invite, stage or examine ‘uncomfortable‘ issues, unknown stories and unwelcome audiences to write, share or compose narratives in impermanent settings.

In 2012 Amal Alhaag acted as curator-in-residence at NODE, Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin. Previously she worked as cultural programmer at the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam (2009-2012), and as the curator for public programming at the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (2013/2014). Together with artist Maria Guggenbichler, Alhaag cofounded the Side Room, a discursive platform for art & intersectional theory in Amsterdam. In addition, she is currently the artistic director of contemporary urban culture platform Metro54 and curator public programming at Framer Framed; a global art platform for critical reflection in Amsterdam.

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