François Janse van Rensburg

François Janse van Rensburg is the Junior Curator for Southern Africa at the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen/Wereldmuseum Rotterdam.

François has honours degrees in Politics and Economics from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. In South Africa he worked at the University of Johannesburg as a teaching assistant and research assistant. He moved to the Netherlands in 2014 and completed an MA in History at Utrecht University where he wrote his thesis on poor relief in the Dutch Republic. He worked as an intern at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam where he contributed to the exhibition Good Hope: South Africa and the Netherlands from 1600. He also did internships at the Afrika-Studiecentrum in Leiden where he documented the archive of J.F. Holleman and the Zuid-Afrikahuis in Amsterdam where he wrote a research guide for the archives of the Netherlands South Africa Railway Company (NZASM). Before joining the museum, François worked as a lecturer at Leiden University's BA International Studies and BA African Languages and Cultures. His primary research interest is Southern African collections in the Netherlands especially relating to South Africa and Mozambique. Other research interests include archival based provenance research, early Dutch museum collections, and the role of South Africa in Dutch nationalist mythmaking. 

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