Open Space

Open Space

The Open Space provides a space for people to reflect on and reimagine ethnographic museum and collection work.

In the Open Space, we seek to present a diverse range of perspectives from critical reflections and experimental works to new theoretical framings and approaches to researching, curating and engaging the collections. As we provide a platform to various voices and ideas, the opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the NMVW.

We ghosted you a long time ago - Maria Guggenbichler - RCMC

We ghosted you a long time ago

For the whispered poem “We ghosted you a long time ago” I was particularly interested in thinking about and understanding better what white embodiment is.
Wooden figure representing a Kathakali dancer, 1963, Channapatna, India - Research Center for Material Culture

Ethnographic objects or design? Taking stock of the Channapatna Toy

In this blog piece, I trace the tensions between ethnographic approaches to studying Channapatna toys and more recent efforts to reproduce them as...
Oceania fig 4 - Design from Oceania at the NMVW - Research Center for Material Culture

Design from Oceania at the National Museum of World Cultures

What happens if you do not use the lens of 'art' or ‘material culture’ to look at things that are or were made and used in this vast part of the world called Oceania?
Dress-scapes of Accra - Research Center for Material Culture

Dress-scapes of Accra

The comeback of African print seems to be emerging in the fashion system of Accra. The film gives an interesting overview of dress-scapes in Accra by...
Knowing - Alana Jelinek - RCMC


Knowing (2015) began with an invitation by artist, Alana Jelinek, to various groups of Papuan, Javanese and Dutch people to come to Museum Volkenkunde and ...