Fellowships - RCMC

Fellows and Visiting Scholars

The RCMC offers several research fellowships for junior and senior researchers.

In order to stimulate new ways of exploring the NMVW’s collections, the RCMC offers several Research Fellowships for junior and senior researchers. RCMC fellowships have two primary aims. The first aim is to support research by junior and senior researchers that will advance their own research goals while producing new information on the NMVW collections, or uncovering the gaps and lesser known histories of our archives and connecting them with other archives and stories in illuminating and critical ways (RCMC/FEL Junior Fellowship, Collections Research Fellows). The second aim is to invite scholars, artists and/or activist to think with us on how to develop innovative collections-based research that engages contemporary debates and urgent issues, and to critically reflect on museum histories, practices, ethics and possible futures (RCMC Fellows, RCMC/FEL Distinguished Fellows). 

Becoming an intern or researcher & conducting research ‘at’ or ‘on’ the NMvW

The RCMC also offers Research Associate positions for experts and Internships for students to foster interest in the study, preservation and dissemination of information on ethnographic and world cultures collections.

What we offer

  • Access to our world-renowned collections
  • A stimulating, intellectual work environment
  • A research network
  • Access to the Library/Documentation Centre
  • Access to the RCMC programming and the general programme of the museum
  • A workspace (for resident fellows/associates/interns)