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3 november 2022

BREAK OUT SESSION: Kendal Beynon & Camilo García

November 3 | 13:30-15:00 | Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden

As part of the TAKING CARE conference on Thursday afternoon, four parallel break-out sessions take place. Please sign-up for one of the sessions during registration.

Zinemaking Workshop

For this workshop, participants are invited to look with us at a selection of objects that form part of the museum's collection and the output of two artist residencies from the Taking Care Project. Using these materials, we will experiment and create multiple zines that explore and reflect upon the connections and shared values of these historical and contemporary ethnographic practices. The goal is to use the format of a zine as a playground to uncover these threads that run through the objects to contextualize their meanings and origins. 

Kendal Beynon (she/her) (UK) is an artist and writer currently situated in the realm of experimental publishing based in Rotterdam (NL). Completing a bachelor degree in the UK in Music Journalism, she worked in arts and architecture  for a number of years before returning to education in 2018 to study Graphic Design. Following this, Beynon enrolled in the Master of Experimental Publishing which she graduated in 2022. She aims to rediscover an alternative online landscape through subversive design and community building, while also examining the ruins of our digital past. When she’s not rummaging around in internet fragments, you can find her at @tr0pisms, or organising the Rotterdam based Zine Festival @zinecamp. 

Camilo García (he/him) is a visual artist and graphic designer from Colombia currently based in the Netherlands. During his visual arts studies at Javeriana University, he started his career as part of Taller trez, a traditional printmaking atelier in Bogotá, where he got the opportunity to become a print maker. Later, García expanded his printing knowledge by attending a small-publishing and RISO printing course at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Afterwards, he explored the broadest possibilities of visual arts by following the Master’s program Production and Artistic Research in Barcelona, In 2020, he enrolled in the Master’s programm Experimental Publishing in Rotterdam.  

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