Dates and information are subject to change. Please check the event pages for the most up-to-date details.

15-16 Jan   CoHERE    Tropenmuseum
25 Jan   Design and/as Translation: Globalising Design Histories?   Tropenmuseum
30 Jan   Future / Erasure   RCMC
Feb   Verzet/Refusal Bijlmer 50 jaar   Imagine IC OBA, Amsterdam
15 Feb   Dan Hicks: An Archaeology of Impermanence   RCMC
1 Mar   Diasporic Objects   RCMC
2 Mar   Paul Basu: Object Affordances   RCMC
15 Mar   Fabio Gygi: On the Concept of Hoarding     RCMC
19-21 Mar    GSCP project     RCMC
19-21 Mar   SWICH   Slovenia
27 Mar   Meeting Resistance in Zuidoost    ImagineIC OBA, Amsterdam
19-apr   Haidy Geismar: Digitality, Museums and Material Culture   RCMC
10 May   Africa Now - Book conversation ZWART   Afrika Museum
13 May   Angela Davis | Radical Solidarity & Intergenerational Coalitions   Tropenmuseum
18 May   Anthropology in Troubled Times   Museum Volkenkunde
19 May   The 'Return' of the Fanti-canoe   ImagineIC OBA, Amsterdam
31 May   Logics of Domestication   RCMC
7 June   The Deaccessioning of the Nusantara Collection   Museum Volkenkunde
8 June   Is racism an environmental threat?   RCMC
14 June   Law, Justice and the Colonial Archive   RCMC
19 June   “You are, in yourself, two roads…”: on the diasporic condition   Tropenmuseum
24 June   Opening Bijlmer50 exhibition together with Stadsgevoel   Imagine IC OBA, Amsterdam 
26 June   Technologies of Certain Bodies I   Tropenmuseum
28 June   Conferentie Betwiste woorden in collecties   KIT, Amsterdam
28 June   Words Matter   Tropenmuseum
29 June     Jean Cassimir The Way Out of Slavery: Freedom as Joy   Tropenmuseum
1-jul   Keti Koti, Perspectives on the Slavery Past and its Afterlife   Oosterpark, Amsterdam
11-13 Jul   SWICH Conference   Cambridge, United Kingdom
20-21 Aug   Imagining Islamic art from Indonesia   RCMC
TBA   Decolonizing Architecture    Tropenmuseum
6 Sep   Muslim Cool    Tropenmuseum
7 Sep   Kick-off project with Simone Zeefuik    Bijlmerpark, Amsterdam
12 Sep   Thinking Photography workshop with Tina Campt   RCMC
12 Sep   On Refusing What has been Refused to You.
Conversation Between Tina Campt & Wayne Modest
18 Oct   Technologies of Certain Bodies II   Het Nieuwe Instituut
25-26 Oct   Popular Culture of Illegality     Tropenmuseum
1 Nov   David Scott Lecture    Tropenmuseum
2 Nov   Refusal and Radical Hope    Tropenmuseum
3 Nov   Generational meet Refusal and Radical Hope   Black Archives
6 Nov   Micro Worlds   Tropenmuseum
15 Nov   WORDS MATTER II    Tropenmuseum
21-24 Nov   CoHERE   Warsaw, Poland
22 Nov   Adriaan Gerbrands Lecture by Ariella Azoulay    RCMC
23 Nov   Ariella Azoulay    Tropenmuseum
30 Nov   RCMC Annual Conference    RCMC
7 Dec   Declassifying Gender   RCMC
8 Dec   Fashion Fest   Tropenmuseum