Francine Brinkgreve

Francine Brinkgreve

Francine Brinkgreve

Francine Brinkgreve (1956) is Curator Insular Southeast Asia. She is an anthropologist, specialized in religious anthropology. In her research she focuses on the materiality of religious practices in Indonesia. She is also interested in the relationship between materiality and the notion of ephemerality in relation to museums collections.  


Francine studied Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University. While living in Bali for a couple years, she conducted extensive research on the meaning of offerings and other ritual art forms. She has also worked in the field of oral history. Currently, Francine finishes her PhD research on ritual art of Bali (Leiden University). 


Her most recent publications include “From Lukas to Liefkes? Age and Authenticity of Gold Jewellery from Sumba, Indonesia” In Creating Authenticity, Authentication Processes in Ethnographic Museums, 2013, “From Colonial Collecting to Virtual Sharing: Shared Cultural Heritage between Indonesia and the Netherlands” in South-East Asia: Studies in Art, Cultural Heritage and Artistic Relations with Europe, 2012. She also worked on a co-edited book: Living with Indonesian Art. The Frits Liefkes Collection (Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde, with David J. Stuart-Fox, 2013). 

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