Juliette Huijgen

Juliette Huijgen

Juliette Huygen was the research assistant of Wayne Modest, they managed the Research Center for Material Culture's communications and worked on the production of events and publications between 2018 - 2022. 


Juliette Huygen is an Amsterdam-based thinkermaker (artist, critic & scholar) with an interest in materiality, making, transdisciplinarity, visual (popular) and material culture, rituals, the non-binary, and the agency of objects. They joined the RCMC team in June 2018 to work on communications and on the production of events in Leiden and Amsterdam in particular, and assist the head of the Research Center in his research. They are currently working on three publication projects, two exhibitions, the Extended family project and several RCMC events. 

Juliette has a BA in Product Design from the ArtEZ art academy in Arnhem and continued their studies at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a master Comparative Arts and Media Studies and a research master Critical Studies in Art and Culture. During their studies they developed an interest in the agency of objects and the alternative narratives they can convey, focusing on the medium of film in particular. Juliette's research congregates around the transdisciplinary connections between making, design, material culture, narratology, anthropology, philosophy, material religion and media studies.   



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