Liza Swaving

Liza Swaving

Liza Swaving is a cultural programmer and curator with an interest in global history, memory studies, digital antropology and contested heritage.

Her socially engaged curatorial practice focuses on challenging normative and dominant ways of understanding and creating heritage, history and memory. Her practice deals with questions such as: Who owns the past? Which memories are included, and which forgotten? And whom does heritage empower, and whom does it silence? In close collaboration with artists, academics and communities Liza Swaving explores these questions through dialogue, writings, exhibitions and research. 

Liza Swaving holds a MA in Heritage Studies from the VU University Amsterdam. Exhibitions she co-curated include Escher meets Islamic Art (Tropenmuseum, 2013), Sixties: A World Wide Happening(Tropenmuseum, 2015) and Cultural Threads (TextielMuseum, 2018).

Selected Publications

“Otobong Nkanga and Hana Miletić: materialising global memories in textiles.” in: L. Saure (ed) Cultural Threads (TextielMuseum, 2018)

“Tussen poëtisch engagement, activisme en kwetsbaarheid. Interview met Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries.” Tubelight, #106. 2018.

“Review exhibition Rethinking HOME, Nieuw Dakota.” October. 2016