CO VID PRO | Bouba Dola & Ella John

VIDEO 1 | CO VID PRO #2 | Bouba Dola & Ella John 

As part of the Extended Family project, we have been working with Tjon Rockon from GrandeLoge and OPEN Rotterdam on the collaborative video project CO VID PRO #2. In the project, the makers explore their relation to the objects in the museum depot, the personal stories they call forth and how they are related to contemporary life and rituals.

This first video was created by Rotterdam creator Bouba Dola and the artist Ella John from Zaandam. Together they explore their own history and life path, set to a music piece by Ella John. What affect do the objects trigger in them personally?


NL | De eerste aflevering van CO VID PRO #2 is een samenwerking tussen de Rotterdamse maker Bouba Dola en de Amsterdamse spoken-word artiest Ella John. Samen onderzoeken ze in deze video de confrontatie met hun eigen geschiedenis en levenspad op muziek van Ella John.

VIDEO 1 | Bouba Dola & Ella John