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Digesting Care

As part of the TAKING CARE research project, Kendal Beynon and Camilo García A. have created the experimental publication Digesting Care. Part website and part DIY printed zine, the publication draws on the closing conference and invites museums to reflect more critically on what is needed for real change. Digesting Care asks that we think about if we have achieved anything with the many research projects of this kind? If so, what have we learnt? And if not, what are we to do differently to effect greater change?

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The TAKING CARE Project aims to explore care as kinship within ethnographic and world cultures museums, and what it means to care in a precarious world, so when we joined the project as the designers of this experimental publication, we wanted to encapsulate this in our outcome. We attended the conference as listeners and workshoppers in November and tried to absorb as much of the content as possible. Instead of traditional note-taking , we opted to draw our observations from the plethora of talks, discussions and workshops. We saw that with this, we could capture ideas beyond written language and photographic material. Our drawings also offered up clues to how the content of the conference became entangled with each other and the connections they held within them.

Kendal Beynon and Camilo García A. in the Editorial Note

Browse Digesting Care on www.digestingcare.eu and download a unique printable PDF

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