Black Netherlands - Gloria Wekker - Research Center for Material Culture
9 October 2016

Black Netherlands

Symposium | 8-9 Oct 2016 | Museum Volkenkunde

The symposium Black Netherlands traces the changing relationship between black citizenship, (post) colonialism, art, heritage and the cultural identity in the Netherlands. Guest speakers such as Gloria Wekker, Quinsy Gario, Simone Zeefuik, Charl Landvreugd connect the historical perspective with contemporary questions of representation.

Black Netherlands

Black Netherlands refers to the existence, imagination and perception of black presence in the Netherlands and how this is visualized and styled in history, art, heritage, performing arts and film. This symposium  takes place on Saturday 8 October at the Museum of Volkenkunde in Leiden and on Sunday 9 October at Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam.


Day 1: Symposium Black Netherlands - 8 October - Leiden

Time: 10:00 - 18:00 o clock

Location: Museum Volkenkunde Leiden

Adress: Steenstraat 1, 2312 BS Leiden

Tickets : € 14,00 (adults older than 19 years), € 6,00 (age 4 until 18 years and students), free for students of Universiteit Leiden & Hogeschool Leiden, Museumcard, BankGiro Loterij VIP-KAART, ICOM, Rembrandtkaart & Vriendenpas)

Day 2: Filmfestival Black Netherlands - 9 October - Amsterdam 

Time: 12:00 - 17:00 o clock

Location: Amsterdam Museum

Adress: Kalverstraat 92, 1012 RM Amsterdam

Price: € 12,50 (adult), € 10,00 (CJP/Studentenkaart), € 6,50 (children age 5 until 8), free (children age 0 until 4)


  • Network Slavery
  • Kosmopolis Utrecht
  • The National Museum of World Cultures
  • Research Center for Material Culture
  • NiNsee

Black Netherlands is initiated by curator and lecturer Nancy Jouwe, and is part of Black Achievement Month. For more information: