Meeting Resistance in Zuidoost - Research Center for Material Culture
27 March 2018

Meeting Resistance in Zuidoost

Community Discussion | 27 Mar 2018 | OBA Imagine IC

The Bijlmer celebrates her 50th anniversary this year and therefore we would like to highlight the agency there has been and still is in this neighborhood. On Tuesday 27 March, we kick-off with the first meeting of a year-long series in which we celebrate and remember the Bijlmer of the past 50 years.

Meeting Resistance

The Bijlmer has a rich history of activism, rock-solid conviction and faith in the neighborhood: resistance from the barricades, but also in much more gradual and daily form.

From Bijlmersquatters to Kwaku, Black Revolt to the parkinggarage-actions. But also  payment systems, local radio stations, the organization of religious spaces. What are your associations with activism? What makes you move? And would you call those acts of resistance? How recognizable is resistance?

The Bijlmer was designed in the studio. But people make the neighborhood themselves and have done so for the past 50 years. How did we customize this drawingboard-city? And how did and do you do it yourself? We would like to discuss how we see this neighborhood today, but also in relation to the past: How was it? What changed? And what do we want to improve today for the future?

Come join our roundtable session. And bring others with you, especially if they look at the theme differently than yourself. We are also interested in various personal and other archives. We hope that you will come and share the things you have kept in your closets, drawers, in your heart and in your head.

We will serve a small snack at the gathering and the entrance is free.


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