Mocro? Coolness and Dutch Citizenship - Research Center for Material Culture
6 April 2017

Mocro? Coolness and Dutch Citizenship

Event | 6 Apr 2017 | Tropenmuseum

Together with artists, activists and tastemakers we examine the influence of Moroccan identity on popular culture in the Netherlands. How does 'mocro' represent a complex concept of Dutch citizenship?

Coolness and Dutch Citizenship

During 'Mocro?', we look deeper into the ways in which a new generation of rappers, artists, activists, and tastemakers shape and express a Moroccan, Muslim-Dutch identity. The concept of 'mocro' has slowly but steadily achieved a reputation within mainstream media and street culture. It brings together a combination of coolness, cultural identity, and creativity, and represents an increasing influence of a new generation of Moroccan Dutch youth. But to what extent does it contribute to any sort of agency for the new generation?


  • Sjaak (rapper from Amsterdam East)
  • Khadija Al Mourabit (philosopher and feminist from Amsterdam North)
  • Souf Kinani (managing editor at Noisey)
  • Fatima Warsame (freelance journalist at FunX)
  • Ome Omar (rapper, writer, and Dutch language teacher)
  • Malique Mohamud (editor hiphop culture at De Correspondent)

Moderator: Saul van Stapele