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24 June 2018

Opening Bijlmer50 exhibition together with Stadsgevoel: Refusal

Community Collaboration | 24 Jun 2018 | Imagine IC

The Bijlmer and the creation of the Bijlmer are important in Amsterdam. How is and was the Bijlmer important for Amsterdam and its citizens? With this video exhibition we aim to highlight the agency, refusal and resistance in the Bijlmer over the past 50 years.

Refusal and Resistance

How is the heritage of the Bijlmer collected and remembered? What are the stories in the Bijlmer right now and how do they differ from older narratives? How could we collect these narratives? How was refusal 50,40,30 years ago present and prominent in the creation of what the Bijlmer is now? How is refusal still present and how has this changed and is it still changing over generations? These are some of the questions that guided the conversations in the video portraits we created for this exhibition.

The videos show the interaction between generations in the Bijlmer. They will discuss the different ways in which they showed their refusal and resistance then, several years ago, and now. The videos will show the ‘work’ that has been done already and the work that is still important and essential now. Refusal and resistance in the Bijlmer over the past 50 years.


13:30 Lunch

13:45 Opening of the exhibition Refusal and Resistance in 50 years Bijlmer

14:05 Introduction by Noraly Beyer (moderator)

14:10 Zwart Beraad as personal archive, talk between Gin Sanches, Renate Hunsel, Jaap van der Aa, Hannah Belliot and other active opponents

14:50 Column by Quinsy Gario on how Zwart Beraad influences and touches him

Refreshments will be handed out

15:00 The new city council members: Nenita La Rose, Dehlia Timman and others on Zwart Beraad in their own politics

15:30 Discussion: How do we share an important archive that is not visible but rather stored in the stories and remembrance of the people then? How is this immaterial archive remembered then and now? How do we preserve this heritage and how do we acknowledge and appreciate what has been done? How do we archive this as heritage of the neighbourhood and of the city?

15:55 Weging: a panel with, among others, Jessica de Abreu and Dyonna Benett, who discuss Zwart Beraad as an archive and as shared memory

16:00 The conversation continues while enjoying a drink

16:45 End

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