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22 June 2022

In Time? Out of time? Marking Time in Caribbean Aesthetics

Drawing on British Caribbean fiction and poetry of the first decade of the twentieth century as its focal point, in this talk Faith Smith, Associate Professor of African and African American Studies, and English at Brandeis University, asks how time (retrospection, waiting, belatedness, futurity, expiration) shapes notions of inheritance, accumulation, and sovereignty.

DATE & TIME: Wednesday, June 22: 15 - 17.30 CET

LOCATION: University of Amsterdam, Oudemanhuispoort (Room C 0.17), 1012 CZ Amsterdam.

It will also be livestreamed via Zoom. 

Sruti Bala, Associate Professor at the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Amsterdam, and Rivke Jaffe, Professor of Urban Geography at the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies and the Centre for Urban Studies are hosting Dr Smith's visit. RCMC supports the event.

More information can be found on the facebook event page: In Time? Out of Time? Marking Time in Caribbean Aesthetics | Facebook

Faith Smith

Faith Smith is Associate Professor of African and African American Studies, and of English, at Brandeis University. Her book Strolling through the Ruins: The Caribbean’s Non-Sovereign Modern in the Early Twentieth Century is forthcoming from Duke University Press. Her new project, “DreadKin,” is a study of twenty-first century literary and visual culture and its mappings of pasts and futures, as well as genealogies of kinship and intimacy, in the context of the Caribbean’s complex experiences with sovereignty in our current global moment.