Waka Weekend 2017 - Research Center for Material Culture
30 April 2017

Waka Weekend 2017

Recurring Event | 29-30 Apr 2017 | Museum Volkenkunde

The museum organises a waka weekend every year that aims at fostering relations between the museum, Toi Maori, the Nga Waka federation, Njord, Ngati Ranana, Kohanga Reo and the New Zealand Embassy in The Hague.

Waka Weekend

The weekend also presents an occasion to look after the physical and cultural condition of waka tete, waka taua and whare waka (the canoe shelter). Ultimately, the weekend offers the scope for creating a community around the waka in Europe.

Bringing together different communities with an interest in Maori culture allows the museum and the RCMC, in particular, to reflect on the ethical and responsible approaches for the care, display and use of collections. The waka project addresses questions of ownership, authority and access, but also indigenous ideas on curating and conservation/preservation.