fashion fest - Weekend of Global Cultures - Research Center for Material Culture
10 December 2017

The Weekend of Global Cultures

fashion fest/Hiphop Museum | 9-10 Dec 2017 | Tropenmuseum

The Research Center for Material Cultures presented on Saturday 9 December and Sunday 10 December, a program that turned to every day (street) culture, performance, (Diasporic) fashion and hip-hop as sites that contest, disorient and reconstitute cultural memory and social knowledge across the world.

The Weekend of Global Cultures

Popular culture is one of the sites where the struggle, commodification, and redefinition of world making is shaped. Stuart Hall remarks that it is this arena of consent and resistance where hegemony arises, and where it is secured. In a world that is becoming increasingly conducive to globalization, fashion and hip-hop have migrated beyond the confinement of the West and are currently embedded within politics, literature, media, film, movements and youth cultures across the globe. This process of fast-paced cross-cultural translation, queering and hybridization refuses national borders, otherness, and marginalization. Furthermore, it is also fueled by the desire to queer identity and to incorporate different meanings, networks, biographies, and experiences within institutions and societies.

Over the years museums of ethnography or world cultures have developed a practice of working with different stakeholders – especially source community stakeholders. This program pushed beyond such limited engagement with collections and offered a platform for different artists of diverse cultural biographies to interact with the collections and create new works, conversations, and knowledge that complicate our perspectives and understanding of concepts such as belonging, social justice, activism, material cultures, and archives.

With guest speakers such as cultural theorist Greg Tate, fashion designer Stephane Ashpool (Pigalle Paris), writer and activist Massih Hutak, academic Lewis Borck, fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner, critical thinker and activist Tracian Meikle (UvA) and artist Farida Sedoc. See the full program below.


Diasporic Fashion (December 9)

19:30 Welcome| Anoma Whittaker
19:40 - 21:00 Conversation | with Grace Wales Bonner and Majid Karrouch

Hiphop Museum (December 10)

14:00 Welcome | Malique Mohamud & Wayne Modest
14:10 Performance / Q&A | Ray Fuego
14:45 Column | Massih Hutak
15:00 Talk | Farida Sedoc
15:15 Talk | Tracian Meikle
15:30 Talk / Q&A | Greg Tate
16:15 DJ
16:30 Conversation | Stéphane Ashpool X Gee Schmidt
17:00 Conversation | Style makes the movement - with Gee Schmidt, Stéphane Ashpool and SMIB
17:45 Performance | Mariana Hirschfeldt

Subtropen | Rewriting
13:00 Kiddo Cee
14:00 Fatima Warsame
15:00 Hélène Christelle Munganyende
16:00 Thomas Nijhuis

Studio | Cultures of Resistances
11:30 Talk | Alex "Liaizon" Soto, Ashleigh Thompson, Lisa Starlight Palacios, Lydia Jennings, and Lewis Borck
11:45 Q&A | Lewis Borck
12:15 Cultural archives & heritage: The Street in the Museum - with Richard Kofi
12:40 Q&A
13:00 Break
13:30 Urban Culture and the Intersection of Politics - with Joy White
14:00 Q&A
15:00 DJ Workshop for Womxn with DJ Evelyn Rae

Hiphop Museum included a pop-up exhibition with works by Farida Sedoc, Aisha Madu and Nadine Stijns, and a photo studio for #zwartepietisracisme.

Photo credit: Kirsten van Santen