George Nuku
Artist in Residence, Research Fellow | 2020

George Nuku


In February, the artist George Nuku will be joining us at the RCMC to work on a installation of Bottled Ocean for the upcoming Museum Volkenkunde exhibition A sea of islands - Highlights from Oceania

George Nuku is one of Aotearoa New Zealands current leading contemporary Māori artists of all time. He hails from the Ngāti Kahungunu tribe of the Hawkes Bay region of the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand.

George works in stone, bone, wood, shell, polystyrene and plexiglass. His works range from delicate jade and pearl amulets, life size stone and plexiglass sculptures, through to two story high Polynesian demigods and Māori culture heroes. He carries the tradition of his people handed down for thousands of years in an artform that promises to expand life and enhance survival. He is well known both in New Zealand and internationally. His work is highly regarded and sought after.