Refusal & Resistance

Refusal and Resistance in 50 years Bijlmer

Video Portraits | by Bibi Fadlalla

Within the context of ’50 years Bijlmer’, Imagine IC and the Research Center for Material Culture collaborated on creating a video exhibition that explores Refusal and Resistance in the Bijlmer over the past 50 years.

These four video portraits present personal and intergenerational narratives on how various practices of refusal and resistance have contributed to the creation and recreation of the Bijlmer. What are the stories in the Bijlmer today, and how do they resonate with or depart from older narratives? These conversations seek to trace the heritage of refusal as a diverse, but often generative force in these communities.

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For these video portraits, Imagine IC and the RCMC worked in close collaboration with filmmaker Bibi Fadlalla and cameraman Jurgen Lisse. These portraits could only come into being with the help of: Tieneke Sumter, Perry Gits, Gin Sanches, Gideon Everduim, Saskia Bosnie, Jozef Badal, Mavis Hofwijk, Cheryl Simson, Karin Moor and Shaneequa Vrede.