Practicing Neighborhood Rituals

Buurtsalon - Mijn Ritueel

HABITAT : Practicing Neighborhood Rituals

How can the Museum re-imagine its role and responsibilities in the community in which it is embedded? In what ways can the Museum document and collect contemporary rituals and their material forms that propose alternative strategies of belonging in the city?

About the project

The Tropenmuseum is located in Amsterdam East, historically one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Amsterdam. This neighborhood is a mosaic of different geographies, biographies and narratives and simultaneously it is rapidly changing due to hyper gentrification in the city. Practicing Neighborhood Rituals proposes a long term liaison with different stakeholders in the neighborhood by connecting the minor histories and narratives of the neighbors to the collection of the museum. With this project, the Museum will go beyond its walls and initiate an ongoing series of events, gatherings and exhibitions to engage with questions of heritage, collection and citizenship.

A program including an exhibition in the neighborhoods, podcasts, community meetings will begin in 2019.

Program concept: Amal Alhaag & Liza Swaving