Spaces of Speculation

Through RCMC Spaces of Speculation, we aim to stimulate sustained discussions and research on topics related to our research themes.

About RCMC Spaces of Speculation

Spaces of Speculation are recurring meetings for groups of committed researchers who seek to push forward thinking about a given topic and ultimately aim to collaborate or to produce innovative new work. Some Spaces of Speculation will be organized around the work or ideas of RCMC Distinguished fellows, who are selected for their particular expertise on a subject. Spaces of Speculation will explore a variety of formats, including small discussion groups, lectures, masterclasses, seminars, and closed workshops (for publication preparation).

Over the coming months and years, new Spaces of Speculation will be announced. See below for more information on specific Spaces of Speculation.

Image: Nautical chart, meddo, Marshall islands, 1850-1882. RV-316-94. The long and short bamboo sticks of this nautical chart - meddo - represent swells, sea currents and waves. Coconut fiber buttons indicate the islands. Nautical charts of the Marshall Islands were not used in the same way as Western charts but rather served as a reminder. Before a sea voyage was undertaken, sailors memorized all the swells, sea currents and islands indicated on the charts. This type of nautical chart positions the islands relative to the sea currents and does not take into account the actual distance between the islands. The charts could only be understood by the maker. Even experienced sailors could not set out with the meddo without an explanation from the maker. Navigational knowledge was a closely guarded secret and was only passed on to families in a leading position. We know from the donor's documentation that this map identifies the Namorik, Jaluit, Kili, Ebon, and Ailinglaplap atolls, all of which are located in the Ralik Archipelago of the Marshall Islands.

Spaces of Speculation

Technologies of Certain Bodies - RCMC Lab

Technologies of Certain Bodies

This project attempts to bring forth modes of (un)thinking, literature, archives, and cultural production that trace the complex genealogies that inform the engineering of the body in the afterlives of slavery and colonialism.
Reparative Acts Lab - RCMC

Reparative Acts

The Reparative Acts Lab explores the possibilities and impossibilities for ethnographic museums contributing to the repair and redress of historical wounds.
Thinking Photography - RCMC

Thinking Photography

TPL is intended as a network space for those interested to think openly and critically about (ethnographic/colonial) photography, their histories, materialities, theories and their roles in the present.
Key Concepts - RCMC

Key Concepts: Material Culture Studies in the Museum

This series will explore the material turn in the social sciences and the humanities as a starting point for rethinking museum practice and collections-based research.
AM 171 60

Thinking With

RCMC’s Thinking With is a conversational series that makes a commitment to a certain kind of collaborative criticality. This project complements several of our existing initiatives, as well as our attentiveness to the notion of “togetherness.”
henk van rinsum
What can Museums Do?

A Future where Racism has no Place

An ongoing conversation about race, racism and anti-racism in/and the museum.