Extended Family
15 December 2019

An Afternoon with the Extended Family

SHOWCASE | 15 December | 14:00 - 16:00 | Balzaal, Wereldmuseum

Extended Family Wereldmuseum is an arts and creativity based, collaborative, co-production project whose goal is to reimagine more equitable worlds through arts/culture based practices in relation to the museum’s collections and history. The project brings the museum, its history and its collection, together with diverse creative practitioners from the city along common grounds, working with shared themes. Together we explore the multiple ways in which people find meaning in the city, deliberating on notions of identity and belonging, creativity and community.

On Sunday the 15th of December, we celebrate the start of this collaboration with a group of innovative, entrepreneurial and creative people. The Wereldmuseum and the Research Center for Material Culture share their visions for more equitable futures and together we join forces to develop programs. As such, we strengthen each other and bring an important added value to the World City that is Rotterdam.

If we’ve made you curious, come join us this Sunday at the Wereldmuseum and be inspired by the creative force of the Extended Family! 


14:00-14:05 Word of Welcome


14:05-14:15  Host Elten Kiene, is a presentor and a spoken word-artist.


14:15-15:15 The Culture Connect, a program put together by Rajiv Bhagwanbali, programmaker and choreographer. Rajiv combines dance, music, cultural stories, spoken word/storytelling and decor/design. 

15:15-15:30 Intermezzo by host Elten Kiene.


15:30-16:00 Sinfonia, the chamber orchestra of Rotterdam, will play four different pieces: 

  • Grieg Holberg Suite
  • “Close to the water” with Rajae El Mouhandiz, musician and entrepeneur
  • “Watani” with Rajae El Mouhandiz
  • Shostakovich Kammersinfonie Op.110a (parts 1&2) with Mariana Hirschfeld, spoken word-artist


16:00 end of program > the museum is open until 17:00 


Please note, some parts of the program will be in Dutch.

For this event you only need a regular museum entry ticket. You can buy this ticket at the door or at the ticketsite of the museum.