James Barnor, 'Drum Cover Girl Erlin Ibreck' ,1966/2014.
28 February 2019

On Refusing what has been Refused to you

CONVERSATION | 28 February | RCMC, Gerbrandszaal

This conversation between Professors Tina Campt and Wayne Modest will focus on the topic of refusal. What does it mean to refuse and how can tracing genealogies of refusal help to think otherwise about practices of history writing and museal representation? 

In her work on photography, Prof Campt invites us to think about the recalcitrance and the disaffected, the unruliness of the dispossessed, and those made most precarious by the colonial project. She invites us to think anew about the visual archive by excavating the tactile and sonic registers of photography and their affects. In so doing, Campt analyses the quiet intensity and quotidian practices of refusal of people of the African diaspora. 

Tina argues that refusal is not a simple act of opposition or resistance, but a fundamental renunciation of terms of impossibility defining certain subjects. How might we think through such an understanding of refusal, of quietness, and of stillness as forms of rejecting hierarchical relationships that conscript some bodies as always already precarious?  

Image: James Barnor, 'Drum Cover Girl Erlin Ibreck' ,1966/2014. Courtesy of Autograph ABP. Mondriaan Fonds