11 October 2019

Plastic Fantastic: Decolonial perspectives on plastic & environmental issues in the neighborhood

EVENT | 11 October 2019 | Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel

How much plastic is your neighborhood generating per week? To whom is upcycling and recycling, unmaking and remaking the urban environment accessible?

The Buurtsalon will host a special, communal and critical program that focuses on reworking, rethinking and decolonizing the use of plastic and waste in Amsterdam Oost. The program consists of a series of public gatherings, workshops such as plogging (a combination of jogging with picking up litter), workshop on recycling plastic and expert meetings that delves into the geopolitics of recycling and waste pollution, as well as the use of bioplastics

Together with neighbors, artists, activists, academics and visitors we will look into to what extend the increased use of recycled plastic design trends are still realistic and attainable in today's world. Furthermore, we will also examine what the roles and responsibilities could be of museums and institutions engaging with such societal issues through the lens of their collections, material usage and exhibition making. How can reprocessing and upcycling plastics be used as community-enhancing projects? Does recycling actually  propel the plastic economy rather than offer a viable solution to environmental contamination? In what ways can we (re)imagine and deconstruct the current systems and trajectories around plastic usage through design?

These sets of questions fuel the series of public events at the Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel that aim to critically engage and rethink our relationship to material culture in our communities and what the possible future of plastic could be. 

"Plastic Fantastic" is a program organized in collaboration with Framer Framed at the BUURTSALON; as part of the community heritage and research project initiated by the Research Center for Material Culture. The BUURTSALON has been made possible by Gemeente Amsterdam, Stadsdeel Oost, and VSB Fonds.

Framer Framed

Image: Romuald Hazoumé, Circulus, 1997. AM-609-27