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The colonial past lives on in the present. But how? In the four-part (Dutch spoken) podcast series "Langdradig," we explore the influence of contemporary colonialism on dance music, freedom of movement, food cultures, and work. We bring the distant and the past back here and now.

Creators Gyonne Goedhoop (historian and podcaster), Luka van den Bos (program maker), Chihiro Geuzebroek (multidisciplinary organizer and trainer), and Nathan Kofi (DJ/producer and music scientist) share personal stories and then delve deeper into the colonial present with researchers and activists.

These stories cannot be captured in fleeting soundbites. We give them the time they deserve. Hence the name: "Langdradig" (Tedious).

"Langdradig" is an initiative of the RCMC and was produced in collaboration with Hodan Warsame. This podcast series was created in response to the new exhibition "Our Colonial Heritage" at the Tropenmuseum.


Langdradig Main Beeld
Introduction Episode

Colonialism 101

Oma Sries
pisode 1

We Keep On Keepin' On. Oma Srie's Workers' Story

Episode 2


Nederlandse dance & club cultuur
Episode 3

Dutch Dance & Club Culture

Food Culture
Episode 4

Food culture