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Diasporic Connections: Ghana 60 Years After

Public Program | 2017 Series

To mark the 60 anniversary of Ghana’s independence in 1957, the RCMC along with Imagine IC organized a year-long series of events.

Ghana collections

Ghana’s independence in 1957, was an important beginning for the wave of independent countries across Africa and the African Diaspora. To mark this 60th anniversary, and to tie in with UNESCO’s declaration of the Decade for People of African Descent, this series included interrelated events spread over the year. The program began with a kick off event on March 7th 2017, and will conclude on May 19, 2018, with an event that welcomes the canoe to the OBA-Bijlmerplein and Imagine IC.

Throughout the year, the RCMC organized depot/collections visits at Tropenmuseum for people of African descent especially those who feel connected to our Ghanaian collections. These visits included conversations around the question: Our Ghana collections, why do they matter?

The Fanti canoe

On December 14th, the RCMC and Imagine IC organized a talk about a Fanti-canoe stored in one of the Tropenmuseum depots, and the possibilties for it to be exhibited at the Imagine IC ‘huis’ in their Bijlmerplein location in South-East Amsterdam. There is a huge Ghanaian community in South-East Amsterdam which makes the Imagine IC location an interesting place to showcase the object and thereby give it new purpose. How can the museum share the collection and bring this ‘back’ to a community that shares interest and heritage with it? Could we revisit and rethink the ways in which we collect and store objects? The Ghana Thuis discussion was moderated by Ghanaian-Dutch rapper, actor, spoken-word artist and host, Akwasi.

Video portraits

As an ongoing conversation we made several film-portraits with Dutch-Ghanaian people about Ghanaian objects from the Tropenmuseum collection. They chose objects that had a particular meaning for them and objects they brought from home that visualised Ghana for them. The objects motivated and inspired conversations about belonging, African diaspora, heritage and cultural appropriation. In early November, a collaborative exhibition with Imagine IC opened at the Imagine IC exposition space in the OBA Bijlmerplein. 

Programmers: Liza Swaving  & Rita Ouedraogo

Imagine IC

Ghana Thuis