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Bijlmer 50 Years

Community Collaboration | 2018

The Bijlmer and the creation of the Bijlmer were important in Amsterdam. How is and was the Bijlmer important for Amsterdam and its citizens? With this series we aim to highlight the agency in the Bijlmer over the years. 

Refusal and Resistance in the Bijlmer

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Bijlmer this year, the RCMC will organize a yearlong series of (3) events tentatively entitled ‘Verzet in de Bijlmer’. This series will include three interrelated events spread over the year and will begin on March 27, 2018. We propose three meetings for March, May and June. These will include discussions, lectures and/or talks around the question How can we address and highlight refusal in the Bijlmer? How is the heritage of the Bijlmer collected and remembered. What are the stories in the Bijlmer right now and how do they differ from older narratives? How could we collect these narratives? How was refusal 50,40,30 years ago present and prominent in the creation of what the Bijlmer is now? How is refusal still present and how has this changed and is it still changing over generations? 

Video portraits

Within the context of ’50 years Bijlmer’, Imagine IC and the Research Center for Material Culture collaborated on creating a video exhibition that explores Refusal and Resistance in the Bijlmer over the past 50 years. Visit the Open Space to watch the videos.