Agenda 2021

Agenda 2021

Dates and information are subject to change. Please check the event pages for the most up-to-date details. 

We are working with different formats and practices of togetherness and solidarity within the framework of physical distance, towards better futures. We will keep you up to date as much as possible. Stay safe and take care. 






14 Jan Thinking With |  Henrietta Lidchi & Stuart Allan | Dividing the Spoils  Conversation Online, Zoom
21 Jan A Future where Racism has no Place |  Race Science, Physical Anthropology, & the Ethnographic Museum Conversation Online, Zoom 
28 Jan Erfenis Conversation | Extractive Labor and the Indian Ocean  Closed expert meeting Online, Zoom
28 Jan Het Verleden Heeft een Huis  Evenement Zoom
29 JanZ Erfenis Conversation | From Africa: Re-Thinking Slavery, Geography, and Personhood Closed expert meeting  
25 Feb Thinking With | Kwame N'mako Conversation Zoom, Facebook
4 mar Masterclass Elizabeth Povinelli masterclass  Zoom
4 mar Adriaan Gebrands Lecture | Beth Povinelli Lecture Zoom, Facebook
15 Mar Is the Code Sufficient  Symposium Zoom
24-26 Mar Pacific Arts Association Conference Zoom
1 Apr Thinking With | Kaiama L. Glover | Ethics of Disorderly Being Conservation Zoom, Facebook
28 Apr The Visual Life of Racial Capitalism Closed meeting   
20 May A Future where Racism has no Place |     
26-28 May Undisciplining Photography Symposium Symposium  
1 Jun Brown Bag | Junior Fellows    
17 or 24 Jun A Future where Racism has no Place |     
12-14 Oct Inward Outward  Symposium  
17-19 Nov The Long History of Claims for the Return of Cultural Heritage from Colonial Contexts    
25 Nov Adriaan Gebrands Lecture     

Image: Javanese Pawukon Calender. Javanese pawukon manuscripts contain divinatory calendars based on the Javanese cycle of thirty wukus of seven days. RV-42-43. For more information on Pawukon, read this article by Dick van der Meij