Museum temporalities
Forthcoming publication

Museum Temporalities: Time, History and the Ethnographic Museum


In 2015, the RCMC brought a group of scholars together to explore the relationship between museums and time. The conference Museum Temporalities: Time, History and the Ethnographic Museum focused on the ways in which ethnographic museums deal with temporal categories such as past, present and future? The proceedings from this conference will be published in a volume exploring the relationship between time and the museum from multiple perspectives through a modus of criticality.

The contributors will include: Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (POLIN Museum, Warsaw; New York University), Ruth Phillips (Carleton University), Renata Peters (University College London), Jenny Walklate (Leicester University), Cecilia Hurley Griener (l’Université de Neuchâtel), Benoit de L'estoile (CNRS (CMH) and Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris), Genner Llanes Ortiz (Centre for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology), Monique Scott (Bryn Mawr College), Mary Bouquet (University College Utrecht), Corinne Kratz (Emory University) and Frédéric Keck (Museum Quai Branly).

The volume will be edited by Peter Pels from Leiden University and Wayne Modest, head of the Research Center for Material Culture (coordination by Juliette Huygen).


Image: Mitra Tabrizian, Surveillance, 1990 (2010). TM-6412-1