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Agenda 2019

Agenda 2019

Dates and information are subject to change. Please check the event pages for the most up-to-date details.

30 Jan Curating Fashion In and Out of the Ethnographic Lecture Tropenmuseum Studio
31 Jan - 1 Feb Hidden in Plain Sight. Visualizing Slavery in the Dutch Empire Workshop - Invitation only Tropenmuseum
31 Jan Circulating Race: Colonialism, Slavery and the Visual Economy Event Impacthub
14 Feb Opening What We Forget Exhibition Nieuw Dakota
21 Feb

(De)Coloniality as unfinished story: what artists and writers can teach museums about 'decolonial' praxes

Lecture  RCMC | Gerbrandszaal
28 Feb Listening to Images - Masterclass with Professor Tina Campt Masterclass RCMC | Nooterzaal
28 Feb On Refusing What Has Been Refused To You Conversation RCMC | Gerbrandszaal
2 Mar Finissage What We Forget Exhibition Finnisage Nieuw Dakota
12 Mar

Masterclass Ruth Phillips

Masterclass - invitation only RCMC
12 Mar Het Koto-gevoel: verzamelbijeenkomst over 'your best Sunday dress' Verzamelbijeenkomst Imagine IC
14 Mar Rosemary Joyce Masterclass RCMC
14 Mar Empowering Vision, Visualizing Power: Anishinaabe Women's Arts in Birchbark Lecture  RCMC
19 Mar Displaying Slavery and Colonialism: A National, European or Global Story?  Closed Meeting Tropenmuseum
19 Mar

Race, Colonial Slavery, Capitalism and the Making of the Modern World Anthony Bogues

Workshop Tropenmuseum Studio
20 Mar Black Critique : Towards an alternative  Genealogy of  Freedom - Anthony Bogues Masterclass RCMC
21-22 Mar Decolonizing representations of the Aztecs/Mexica Expert meeting - invitation only RCMC
26 Mar We Need New Terms -  Contested Categories and Concepts of Belonging and Difference Workshop - invitation only RCMC
28 Mar Curating from the Margins : Reframing history and Art in Haitian exhibitions - Anthony Bogues  Workshop - Invitation Only RCMC
25 Apr Opening Exhibition MOST WANTED Exhibition Museum Volkenkunde
18 May Other Radicals: On the Dutch-Carribbean Intellectual Tradition Lab Tropenmuseum
20 May Junior fellows meeting Seminar RCMC
21 May On children, snakes and ashes: other histories of the National Museum Lecture RCMC
29 May Opening Mijn Ritueel Pop-up Museum 1e van Swindenstraat 469, Amsterdam.
6 June New Materialism, Object Oriented Ontologies, and Questions of the Colonial. Workshop - Invitation Only RCMC | Nooterzaal
7 June FUTURES: Anthropology of the future and the future of anthropology  ABv Anthropology Day Museum Volkenkunde 
13 June

Redressing Colonial Alienation - Catherine Lu

Fellow Lecture  Tropenmuseum | Studio
20 June The Subject(s) of Slavery: The Paintings of Dirk Valkenburg and Albert Eckhout as Sites of Remembrance Public event Tropenmuseum | Tropentheater
21 June Art, Material Culture and the Dutch Empire: Dirk Valkenburg and his Worlds Workshop  RCMC | Gerbrandszaal
23 June Opening Saya and Koto exhibition Exhibition Imagine IC
26 June Postponed

Afterlives: Slavery & Contemporary Global Inequalities

Conference - Keynote Tropenmuseum 
| Lichthal
27 June

Slavery, Colonialism and Contemporary Global Inequality

Conference Tropenmuseum | several locations 
27 June Queer Diasporic Spacetime and People Of Color Formations: A View from (De)colonial Europe Lecture Museum Volenkunde | Grote Zaal
1 July Keti Koti Community Event Amsterdam Oosterpark
8 Sept Helende krachten Event Museum Volkenkunde
19 Sept Arab futurist cinema Event Museum Volkenkunde
30 & 31 Oct

Between realism and reality: Portrayal of Japanese international relations in the work of Kawahara Keiga

Expert meeting Museum Volkenkunde
14-15 nov Refashioning Museum Objects. Can Ethnography Re-think Fashion? Workshop RCMC
28 Nov Photo-Writing - Sammy Baloji and Filip De Boeck Gerbrandslecture Museum Volkenkunde | Grote Zaal



Image: Balinese Calender for predicting favourable and unfavourable dates, pre 1943, TM-5977-46.