Balinese calender

Agenda 2019

Agenda 2019

Dates and information are subject to change. Please check the event pages for the most up-to-date details.

30 Jan Curating Fashion In and Out of the Ethnographic Lecture Tropenmuseum Studio
31 Jan - 1 Feb Hidden in Plain Sight. Visualizing Slavery in the Dutch Empire Workshop - Invitation only Tropenmuseum
31 Jan Circulating Race: Colonialism, Slavery and the Visual Economy Event Impacthub
14 Feb Opening What We Forget Exhibition Nieuw Dakota
21 Feb

(De)Coloniality as unfinished story: what artists and writers can teach museums about 'decolonial' praxes

Lecture  RCMC | Gerbrandszaal
28 Feb Listening to Images - Masterclass with Professor Tina Campt Masterclass RCMC | Nooterzaal
28 Feb On Refusing What Has Been Refused To You Conversation RCMC | Gerbrandszaal
2 Mar Finissage What We Forget Exhibition Finnisage Nieuw Dakota
12 Mar

Masterclass Ruth Phillips

Masterclass - invitation only RCMC
12 Mar Het Koto-gevoel: verzamelbijeenkomst over 'your best Sunday dress' Verzamelbijeenkomst Imagine IC
14 Mar Rosemary Joyce Masterclass RCMC
14 Mar Empowering Vision, Visualizing Power: Anishinaabe Women's Arts in Birchbark Lecture  RCMC
19 Mar Displaying Slavery and Colonialism: A National, European or Global Story?  Closed Meeting Tropenmuseum
19 Mar

Race, Colonial Slavery, Capitalism and the Making of the Modern World Anthony Bogues

Workshop Tropenmuseum Studio
20 Mar Black Critique : Towards an alternative  Genealogy of  Freedom - Anthony Bogues Masterclass RCMC
21-22 Mar Decolonizing representations of the Aztecs/Mexica Expert meeting - invitation only RCMC
26 Mar We Need New Terms -  Contested Categories and Concepts of Belonging and Difference Workshop - invitation only RCMC
28 Mar Curating from the Margins : Reframing history and Art in Haitian exhibitions - Anthony Bogues  Workshop - Invitation Only RCMC
25 Apr Opening Exhibition MOST WANTED Exhibition Museum Volkenkunde
18 May Other Radicals: On the Dutch-Carribbean Intellectual Tradition Lab Tropenmuseum
20 May Junior fellows meeting Seminar RCMC
21 May On children, snakes and ashes: other histories of the National Museum Lecture RCMC
29 May Opening Mijn Ritueel Pop-up Museum 1e van Swindenstraat 469, Amsterdam.
5 June Suikerfeest op de 1e van Swinden Community event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
6 June New Materialism, Object Oriented Ontologies, and Questions of the Colonial. Workshop - Invitation Only RCMC | Nooterzaal
7 June FUTURES: Anthropology of the future and the future of anthropology  ABv Anthropology Day Museum Volkenkunde 
13 June

Redressing Colonial Alienation - Catherine Lu

Fellow Lecture  Tropenmuseum | Studio
20 June The Subject(s) of Slavery: The Paintings of Dirk Valkenburg and Albert Eckhout as Sites of Remembrance Public event Tropenmuseum | Tropentheater
21 June Art, Material Culture and the Dutch Empire: Dirk Valkenburg and his Worlds Workshop  RCMC | Gerbrandszaal
23 June Opening Saya and Koto exhibition Exhibition Imagine IC
26 June Postponed

Afterlives: Slavery & Contemporary Global Inequalities

Conference - Keynote Tropenmuseum 
| Lichthal
27 June

Slavery, Colonialism and Contemporary Global Inequality

Conference Tropenmuseum | several locations 
27 June Queer Diasporic Spacetime and People Of Color Formations: A View from (De)colonial Europe Lecture Museum Volenkunde | Grote Zaal
1 July Keti Koti Community Event Amsterdam Oosterpark
6 July Koto-maak workshop Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
13 July Muziek en Gedichten met Runny Margarita Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
26 July Buurtborrel met live muziek en open mic. Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
3 Aug Pimp jouw fashion workshop Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
14 Aug DJ workshop voor kids Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
30 Aug Buurtborrel Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
31 Aug De vrijheidsstrijd voor Curaçao Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
6 Sept Rituelen rondom de Hadj, bedevaart naar Mekka Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
8 Sept Ayahuasca: From Holy Plant to Healing Drug Event Museum Volkenkunde
12 Sept Artist Talk - Yatika Fields  Event Museum Volkenkunde
13 Sept Making it your home – Aankomstverhalen in Amsterdam-Oost Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
19 Sept

Last Skies: Avian Imaginaries in Video Art from the Middle East 

Event Museum Volkenkunde
20 Sept Verhalenavond Geheugen van Oost Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
27 Sept Buurtborrel + open mic Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
2 Oct Afterlives: Slavery & Contemporary Global Inequalities Event Tropenmuseum
1-2, 3-4 Oct Transnational workshop for more convivial futures   Tropenmuseum, Het Nieuwe Instituut
19 Oct Van moeder op dochter: workshop borduren met Afifa Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
26 Oct 24H Oost: Bak een broodje voor je buren! In samenwerking met Baking Lab Community Event Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
30 & 31 Oct

Between realism and reality: Portrayal of Japanese international relations in the work of Kawahara Keiga

Expert meeting Museum Volkenkunde
14-15 nov Refashioning Museum Objects. Can Ethnography Re-think Fashion? Workshop RCMC
16 nov Buurtsalon Festival: Practicing Neighborhood Rituals Community Event Tropenmuseum, Buurtsalon Mijn Ritueel
28 Nov Photo-Writing - Sammy Baloji and Filip De Boeck Gerbrandslecture Museum Volkenkunde | Grote Zaal
29 Nov Africa Now   Afrika Museum
4-6 Dec Visions of Planetary and Political Precarity | Global Earth Matters Workshop RCMC



Image: Balinese Calender for predicting favourable and unfavourable dates, pre 1943, TM-5977-46.