Agenda 2020

Agenda 2020

Dates and information are subject to change. Please check the event pages for the most up-to-date details. 

We are working on coming up with different formats and practices of togetherness and solidarity within the framework of physical distance, towards better futures. We will keep you up to date as much as possible. Stay safe and take care. 

Dec 2019-Jan Joe Horse Capture Fellow Leiden
17 Jan - 

IDENTITIES – Contemporary Caribbean Perspectives

Exhibition Rotterdam
23 Jan Engaging [whose] community?: Strategies and Legacies of Community-led Curating Talk Leiden
24-25 Jan

Inward Outward Symposium: Critical Archival Engagements with Sounds and Films of Coloniality

Symposium Beeld en Geluid, Hilversum
Feb George Nuku Fellow/AIR Leiden
Feb Jacob Meders Fellow/AIR Leiden
6-7 Feb Practicing Togetherness? Refusal/Revolt in the Minor Mode Closed Field Lab Amsterdam, KIT
20 Feb

Too Many Capitalists, not enough Indians: Indigenous Adjustments in the Western Narrative

Artist Talk Leiden
26-27 Feb Collaborative Exhibition Making: Amazonia-Europe Closed Expert Meeting Leiden
18-20 Mar  Taking Care Kick-Off  Conference Pitt Rivers
9 Apr Visual Life of Social Affliction (VLOSA) Exhibition TENT, Rotterdam
10 Apr CANCELLED | VLOSA & Identities Workshop Rotterdam
15 May POSTPONED | Antropologie Beroepsvereniging Dag    
22 May Criticality and Solidarity of Archival Interactions Closed Field Lab - online  
15 Jun POSTPONED | Is the Code Sufficient: The Dutch Ethical Code for Museum and the Questions of the Colonial Event Leiden
24-26 Jun

POSTPONED | Museums | Interventions | Affordances, Colonial Archives and Collections in Decolonial Times

Workshop Leiden
29-30 Jun POSTPONED | Gedeelde Geschiedenis   Amsterdam
Sept Jessica Hemmings Fellow Leiden
23-25 Sep Matters of Care: Echoes of Landscapes  Symposium Leiden
15-16 Oct Practicing Togetherness? Refusal/Revolt in the Minor Mode Closed Field Lab Leiden
9-13 nov Institutionality and the Decolonial: Leiden Hosts the Worlding Academy   Leiden
10-11 Dec Anger, and the Politics of the Emotional Event Amsterdam
13 Dec Extended Family meeting Event Rotterdam





image: Balinese astrological calender, RV-2410-62